Andrew W.K., Heavy Montreal, & The Immortal

Hi Everyone,

Glad to hear so many of you enjoyed the recent podcasts I did with Adam DCraig Gass & John 5Andrew WK is my guest Monday and I will be appearing on Chael Sonnen's podcast this week as well as VH1's That Metal Show! I am also pumped to announce that both Jasta & Hatebreed have added more shows to are already loaded schedule. Jasta will be appearing at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival as well as Heavy Montreal. I am so pumped! Hopefully I can release a few more Jasta singles between now and then. Thanks for all the feedback on my most recent Jasta song, 'The Immortal'. you can buy both versions of the tune here:

I also want to thank our awesome podcast sponsor this month, Qello. Qello has the largest collection of full length concerts and music documentaries. Qello also streams on any device. If you have been checking out the podcast you probably have heard some of the incredible selection they have.

Check out the Jasta Show Qello setlist with some of my favorite tracks from Qello.

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Thanks again for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you on the road soon,