Episode 139 - Chris "Zeuss" Harris

In this episode I am joined by Chris "Zeuss" Harris. We discuss how we met each other, publishing, how Zeuss became a full time producer, different production styles in metal, reamping, recording drums for extreme metal, Soulfly, and radio play.


This episode features Communion of the Cursed by Ice Nine Kills.


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Ice Nine Kills' Fourth Record 'Every Trick in the Book' comes out December 4th. Each track on the album is written based upon famous literature throughout history, with Ice Nine Kills’ brand of witty songwriting and story telling, and their dark and theatrical melodies. With this concept album, they’re really hoping to expose a younger generation to these stories, which are as compelling and relatable today as when they were first published. The music itself is heavy, but with influences from broadway such as Phantom Of The Opera and Les Miserables. Pre-order the record on iTunes.

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