Episode 108 - Mark Morton (Lamb of God)

In this episode I am joined by Mark Morton (Lamb of God). We discuss poop, touring, Soulfly, rap, sobriety, System of a Down, touring with Metallica, VII: Sturm Und Drang, copycats, and Phil Anselmo.

This episode features Mammals in Babylon by Cattle Decapitation.


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CATTLE DECAPITATION are back with their upcoming release The Anthropocene Extinction. The album drops August 7th and includes guest appearances from legendary frontman Philip H. Anselmo, Tristan Shone of Author & Punisher and Bethlehem’s Mr. Jurgen Bartsch.  With the new album CATTLE DECAPITATION have delivered a volatile, apocalyptic beast that is as hideous as it is compelling. The band delivers a sledgehammer blow, maintaining their position at the most violent end of the death metal spectrum yet expanding their sound, allowing a little more melody in without losing any of their intensity. Catch CATTLE DECAPITATION live this summer on Summer Slaughter — Tour dates, music, and news are all posted at MetalBlade.com/CattleDecapitation.

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